Congratulations for those who have papers and posters accepted to the QR03!

The authors should adopt the AAAI format (for A4 pages), available
Papers should be submitted electronically as PDF files.
Please, note that we cannot accept files in LATEX, PS, DOC, RTF or any other format.
Papers should be no longer than eight A4 pages (posters no longer than six pages), including abstract, figures and references.
If you have any special needs concerning figures, please contact us as soon possible.
Send your submission to the following two email addresses:

I n your final version, please change the top margin to 3cm instead
of 1.2cm as required by the AAAI format. Also, don’t forget to remove
the line with the AAAI copy right notice from your text!

Shortly after submitting you final version expect to receive an acknowledgement as a reply to your email.

Deadline for the final version: 14 July 2003

contact us: