Call for papers

Announcement: Call for Late-Breaking Papers

Late-Breaking Papers for Qualitative Reasoning Workshop (QR2011)

The Programme Committee invites the submission of papers related to the theory and applications of Qualitative Reasoning. We are also interested in real application papers that discuss the real challenges or problems that can be addressed by using QR techniques. The purpose of late-breaking papers is to provide conference attendees with information about research that was initiated, enhanced, improved or completed after the original paper submission deadline.

Late-breaking papers will be examined briefly for relevance and acceptability, but will not be peer reviewed.

Late-breaking papers must be submitted in camera-ready format in accordance with the camera-ready QR2011 format specifications, which are available on


Important Dates for Late-Breaking Papers

Paper Submission: 10th June 2011

Author Acceptance Notification: 15th June 2011

Important issues:

- Accepted late-breaking papers will be presented together in a poster session;

- Late-breaking papers will not be included in the proceedings;

- An external reviewer/moderator will guarantee the scientific level of the late-breaking papers;

- The moderator will introduce all the late-breaking papers to the audience before the poster session.

We hope that this will increase participation and, as a result, guarantee the scientific level of the workshop.


Qualitative Reasoning (QR) is a research area at the interface of Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, Engineering and Science. Its main objective is to model real-world systems that have continuous aspects about which we only have incomplete, qualitative knowledge. Humans are amazingly effective at working with such knowledge, and many science, engineering and educational applications could benefit greatly from similar capabilities. In seeking to understand the ability to reason qualitatively, QR combines the quest for fundamental understanding of effective reasoning about systems and new ways to supplement conventional modelling, analysis, diagnosis and control techniques to tackle real-world applications. On this occasion, the conference will be organised by the Research Group on Knowledge Engineering (GREC).

The main goal of this conference is to present and discuss the latest contributions to Qualitative Reasoning. The secondary objective is to forge links among researchers from different universities and research groups around the world.

The 25th International Workshop on Qualitative Reasoning will be held at the Residencia d'Investigadors in the centre of Barcelona from 16th to 18th July 2011. It will be co-located with the 22nd International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence IJCAI-11, which will also be held in Barcelona, from 19th to 22nd July.

The 25th edition of the International Workshop on Qualitative Reasoning (QR2011) will bring together the following research interest domains:


  1. BulletDevelopment of algorithms and systems for constructing, simulating, and applying qualitative and semi-quantitative models

  2. BulletStudy, from a cognitive modeling perspective, how humans represent and use incomplete knowledge

  3. BulletDevelopment of methods for system modeling, explanation, diagnosis, and design, with applications in science, engineering, business and education.


All papers must be submitted via the QR2011 submission web site. All submissions should be formatted according to the IJCAI-11 guidelines , must be in PDF format and can be one of the following types:

Full Paper: Not to exceed 6000 words, excluding references.

Poster: Not to exceed 6000 words, excluding references.

Brief Ideas/Viewpoints: Exactly one page in the workshop format (see below).

Review Process. All submissions will be selected according to their quality, significance, originality, and potential to generate discussion. Each contribution will be reviewed by at least two referees from the QR2011 Program Committee.

Submission to Conferences or Journals. The accepted papers will be published as a collection of Working papers. As QR2011 is a workshop, not a conference, submission of the same paper to conferences or journals is acceptable.

The workshop is also open to people who would like to attend without submitting a paper or a poster.

25th International Workshop on Qualitative Reasoning