Communications System

How does DS1's communications system work?

What makes DS1 send distress signals?

DS1 will send a "Help! Red Alert!" signal when it is experiencing a problem that Remote Agent cannot handle on its own. This problem could be a failure of an onboard system, or else an unexpected event like a collision with a micrometeoroid or damaged caused by a solar flare. If something very bad were to happen to DS1, Remote Agent might not know how to respond. When this occurs, it reverts to a "safe" mode, where it won't hurt itself further, and signals the ground station for help.

How often does DS1 communicate with a ground station?
What kind of data is DS1 sending back?
How is data put on radio waves?
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How are remote agents used?

What new communications features is DS1 using?
How is NASA overseeing the DS1 mission?
What would happen if DS1 collided with an object in space?
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