How does DS1's mission compare to other space missions?

What is the Multifunctional Structure?

A multifunctional structure is an experimental component of the spacecraft bus or main body. The multifunctional structure technology combines parts that can carry weight with places for electronic wiring and thermal control. Combining these things makes the spacecraft have less mass. As part of the New Millennium Program, Deep Space 1 is testing the performance of the multifunctional structure for possible use on future missions. The multifunctional structure was made by the United States Air Force Philips Laboratory and Lockheed Martin Astronautics.

What is the New Millennium Program?
What new technologies are being tested on DS1?
How does DS1's electrical system work?
Why do we have to control heat on a spacecraft if there are no people on board?
How and why do we control heat on a spacecraft?

How will we know if the new technologies work?
Why is mass important?

Why are we testing new technologies on DS1?