What will DS1 do on its mission?

Why develop low power electronics?

Electronics mass, size, and power consumption are important considerations for overall spacecraft design. Generally, they are tied together. The more power that a system needs the bigger and more massive it (and its power source) will have to be. Also, the more power a system needs, the quicker it will fail in times of low power, such as when a solar-powered spacecraft gets far from the Sun.

Deep Space 1 includes tests of two microelectronics technologies and a mechanical/electronic experiment. These new developments are intended to contribute to the achievement of NASA's vision of spacecraft in the future.

What new technologies are being tested on DS1
Where does DS1 get its electricity?
What happens to a ship when it runs out of power?
What are possible power sources for satellites?

What components are where on DS1?
Why do solar panels become less useful the farther they get from the Sun?
What are volts and amperes?

Why are we testing new technologies on DS1?
What is the power activation and switching module?
How much power does DS1 use? How much power does it produce?