OpenCyc Flat Files

The zip archive below consists of the files we extracted from OpenCyc. Each file has the following format:

(case <mt>)



Each fact <fact> was explicitly found in microtheory <mt>. If you scrutinize the flat files, you will notice that some of them are empty except for the microtheory name. Moreover, you will notice that the number of axioms in these flat files is far short of the contents listed on the OpenCyc web site. There are several reasons for this:

Moreover, we converted all strings to ASCII encoding from Unicode. Since most of our machines are 32-bits, and many people using our software still live in a 32-bit world, we are obliged to squeeze where we can. Our apologies to any people, places, or linguistic/cultural entities whose names we have inadvertently mangled in the process. Extracted 2/14/07, from OpenCyc 1.02.

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