CyclePad Source Code

CyclePad is an articulate virtual laboratory developed to help people learn engineering thermodynamics via design exercises. More information about Cyclepad can be found here, and the last executable we built can be found here. This executable still runs fine with modern machines, in our experience.

In order that others may benefit further from our work, we plan to make the CyclePad source code available as open-source, with the following restrictions:

The CyclePad source code is not currently available, but will be in the future.

If you are building new versions of CyclePad, you will find Forbus & de Kleer's book, Building Problem Solvers, to be a handy reference, since the logic-based truth maintenance system described there is the rule engine that CyclePad is built upon. The non-GUI portions of the code are extremely portable and should run in most versions of Common Lisp with little or no change. The GUI components rely on Franz, Inc.'s Allegro Common Lisp for Windows, as does the method for making executables.

While we certainly appreciate hearing from you about what you have done with CyclePad, please keep in mind that the project has been over for some time, and we do not actively maintain it. If you send email to: qrg-...Click here for more, we may be able to help eventually, but our current projects must take priority.

We hope that you find the code useful.

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