AP Physics Experiments

This page includes links to the representations for the physics problems and worked solutions used in our research on analogical model formulation. The basis for our knowledge base was the contents of the ResearchCyc KB (http://research.cyc.com/). A number of extensions were required to represent the physics problems and worked solutions. We ran two experiments, the first reported in (Klenk and Forbus 2007) reported the results of an external evaluation performed by the Educational Testing Service. Due to funder imposed deadlines, there were some errors in the representations for the problems and worked solutions. After fixing these errors, we performed a second experiment and reported the results in (Klenk and Forbus in press). On this page, we have included zip archives of the problem and worked solution representations for each of these experiments. The zip archives consist of 7 subdirectories. Level 0 contains the source problems and the 6 other directories include the flat files for each of the 6 transfer variants.

Zip Archives:


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