NextKB: An Integrated, Linguistically and Inferentially Rich Open-license Knowledge Base

Data License

The complete data in NextKB is available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. In addition to contributions from members of Northwestern University's Qualitative Reasoning Group, this resource relies on the following other resources, which we gratefully acknowledge:
  1. OpenCyc KB contents. Cycorp used the Apache 2.0 license for OpenCyc.
  2. WordNet contents, from the Princeton WordNet project. Its license is here .
  3. VerbNet contents, from the University of Colorado VerbNet project, whose license is here.
  4. FrameNet contents, from the Berkeley FrameNet project, whose license is here.

In academic papers where NextKB was used, we ask that you please cite the following paper:

Forbus, K. & Hinrichs, T. (2017). Analogy and Qualitative Representations in the Companion Cognitive Architecture. AI Magazine 38(4):34-42.

To give credit to NextKB in software that uses it, please put this text in a user-visible place:

This work includes data from NextKB, which was compiled by the Qualitative Reasoning Group at Northwestern University. NextKB is freely available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license from The included data was created by contributors to the Qualitative Reasoning Group, contributors to Cycorp's OpenCyc, University of California at Berkeley's FrameNet project, the VerbNet project, and Princeton University's WordNet project. For details of attributions, please see

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