Qualitative Reasoning Workshop 2001

May 17th, 18th, and 19th.

San Antonio, Texas at St. Mary's University

Please fill out the form and then hit the Submit Form button. For the submission to work your browser should be enabled for e-mail. If for some reason, direct submission does not work, please print the form, fill in the information, and fax it to us at (615) 343-5459. Alternately, send us an e-mail with all the information.

Forms are due no later than April 30, 2001.

The registration cost is $150.00.

Make checks payable to Vanderbilt University QR-01 Workshop. Please make sure you send us the check on time. We are working on a shoestring budget, and need the registration fees for generating the proceedings, reserving the meeting rooms, and making other preparations. Thanks for your help.

For Registration checks sent from abroad, please send a bank check or money order for the correct DOLLAR amount.

Mail checks to: Qualitative Reasoning 2001 Workshop; Attn.: Wendy Sue Smith; Dept. of EECS; Box 1679, Station B; Vanderbilt University; Nashville, TN 37235.

If you are paying by credit card or wire transfer, please fill in all fields and fax the registration form to (615) 343-5459.

For wire transfers please follow these guidelines.

Non-endowment wire instructions for Vanderbilt University are as follows:

AmSouth Bank, Nashville, TN

ABA #062000019

Credit Account #: 000191-719-4

Account Name: Vanderbilt University Transfers & Investments

MUST REFERENCE when sending wire: Sandy Winters for International Computer Sci Conference

When you wire money you please fax us a copy of your registration form with the date the money will be received by us.

ATTN STUDENTS: AAAI will provide scholarship money for graduate students who participate in QR '01. We will offer five or six scholarships of $750.00 each. Please fill out the scholarship form and submit by April 25th. Priority will be given to students ho are presenting papers.

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