Symbolic Supercomputer for Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science Research

Funded by: Office of Naval Research, Defense University Instrumentation Program

Principal Investigator: Ken Forbus


Supercomputers are invaluable in many areas of science and engineering. Unfortunately, artificial intelligence and cognitive science research has not benefited from supercomputing because traditional supercomputers are primarily aimed at numerical simulation. We believe that we can change that by building a symbolic supercomputer, a high-end cluster machine carefully configured to support the creation and modeling of intelligent systems. We have created a symbolic supercomputer, to support research being conducted on two ONR projects:

We purchased a Linux Networx Evolocity cluster, with 67 nodes and a gigabit switch (see below). Each node has two 3.2 Ghz Pentium Xeon processors, with 4GB of RAM and 80GB of disk. This machine, called mk2, became operational on 8/25/04. We are already using it to support the projects above.

photo of mk2

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