Communications System

How does NASA communicate with spacecraft?

What are uplink and downlink?

The communication going from a satellite to ground is called downlink, and when it is going from ground to a satellite it is called uplink. When an uplink is being received by the spacecraft at the same time a downlink is being received by Earth, the communication is called two-way. If there is only an uplink happening, this communication is called upload. If there is only a downlink happening, the communication is called one-way.

DS1 has a constant downlink going to Earth sending little bits of information. However, most of the communication is done two-way with the Deep Space Network.

What is the Deep Space Network?
How long does it take for transmissions to get between DS1 and Earth?
How often is DS1 in communication with Earth?
How is data put on radio waves?
What is a satellite?

What kind of data is DS1 sending back?
How do the instruments and sensors coordinate sending signals?
How much data is DS1 able to transfer?

How do you make a radio wave?