Communications System

How does DS1's communications system work?

How much power is available for the communications system?

One of the biggest challenges in designing the different subsystems that satellites use is making sure they don't need too much power. With everything in the communications system turned on the total power usage is just under 100 watts. In other words, DS1 is using about as much power as a couple of light bulbs.

The communications sent by X-band are broadcast at 12.5 watts. Just for comparison, many music radio stations have broadcasting power around 50 kilowatts, or 4000 times as much power as DS1!

What are radio waves?
What are the main differences between a radio station and DS1?
How does power get distributed in DS1?
Where does DS1 get its electricity?

What kind of data is DS1 sending back?
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How much power does each part of the system use?