How does DS1's electrical system work?

Without electricity, DS1 would not be able to perform any of its mission objectives. All active systems on DS1 require electricity to function. DS1 has two power sources, a solar panels and a battery. The battery is short lived and cannot give much electricity without being recharged, so the solar panels are more important in the long run. The solar panels also recharge the battery when it runs low on power.

DS1's power system has these qualities.

  1. DS1 is entirely solar-powered---even the battery is recharged with electricity made by the solar panels.

  2. DS1's solar panels use a new technology called solar concentrators that makes the solar panels much more efficient than solar panels on Earth.

  3. DS1's electrical system is designed to use very little power. When every electricity-consuming device (aside from the ion propulsion system) is turned on, DS1 uses the same amount of electricity as a very bright light bulb.

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