Remote Agent

How does a remote agent work?

How does PS work?

The Planner/Scheduler (PS) of Remote Agent creates detailed plans of what must happen during a given time period on the mission. The time periods that the plans cover are usually about a week long.

Here is how it works. First PS looks at the Mission Goals for that week that are programmed by mission control. Then it breaks down each major goal into smaller tasks. This is called subgoaling. For example, in order to take a picture, the camera must be turned on, the spacecraft must be pointed toward the target, the picture must be taken, and then the camera must be turned off.

Once the mission has been broken into subgoals, the PS gathers more information from other parts of the spacecraft, called planning experts, to develop a plan. For example, it finds out how far the spacecraft must turn to face the target from the attitude control system. Last it makes sure all the rules governing when certain things can or cannot take place are met. These rules are called constraints. For example, the plan must make sure that the spacecraft is not turning while the picture is being taken because the picture will turn out blurry. Also, the solar-electric propulsion system must be turned off while the camera is on because there is not enough power to feed both of them. Finally the PS generates a plan consisting of separate directions for different parts of the spacecraft which will be executed simultaneously.

How does a remote agent work?
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