How does DS1's mission compare to other space missions?

How does NASA run space missions?

There is a long process between the idea behind a space mission and its completion. Generally the process is something like this:

Preflight phase:

  1. Someone proposes a mission to NASA. If NASA accepts it, a Scientific Working Group (SWG) develops the main science components in the mission and then sends out an announcement to scientists who may wish to work with the scientific information gathered by the mission.
  2. The SWG makes and the beginnings of a design for the spacecraft and the mission and present to NASA headquarters. They also figure out how much it could cost and communicate the plans to the public.
  3. NASA assigns teams of people to work on different parts of the spacecraft and mission.
  4. The spacecraft is built and tested on the ground.

Flight phase:

  1. The spacecraft is launched, usually on a multi-stage launch rocket designed to get it out of Earth's gravity well.
  2. The spacecraft enters or leaves Earth orbit and heads for its destination.
  3. NASA, through use of the Deep Space Network or other radio telescopes, stays in contact with the spacecraft, uplinking commands and downlinking information about the spacecraft and data about what the spacecraft is encountering.
  4. The spacecraft goes into "encounter" phase, where it is in contact with something in space worth studying. It could orbit, fly by or land on the object it is encountering. Experiments are done by the spacecraft.
  5. Information gathered is sent back to the scientific teams who are waiting for it on Earth. Once the scientists have gotten results from this data, they publish their results for other scientists to see.

Extended operations phase:

  1. After the primary mission is completed, the spacecraft goes into extended operations phase. It continues to send back data until the parts to collect or transmit such information no longer work. Generally, only missions with people on board are brought back to Earth, though some satellites have their orbits fail and fall to Earth.

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