Power System

How do solar panels supply energy for spacecraft?

What's a semiconductor?

A semiconductor is called a semiconductor because it is a type of material that has an electrical resistance which is between the resistance typical of metals and the resistance typical of insulators, so it kind of, or "semi"-conducts electricity. Semiconductors are used in many electrical circuits because we can control the flow of electrons in this material, for example, with a controlling current.

Semiconductors are also used for other special properties.  In fact, a solar cell is made of semiconductors which are sensitive to light energy. The amount of light energy that hits the semiconductors will determine the amount of electrical current generated by those semiconductors that make up the solar cells.

What are solar panels?
How do solar panels convert the Sun's energy into electricity?
What is energy?

What's a circuit?
What's an electron?
What is resistance?
What is electromagnetic radiation?

What's a resistor?