Space Environment

How does gravity work in space?

Can gravity affect the surface of objects in orbit around each other?

Yes. When objects are in orbit around each other, there is a strong pull of gravity between them. For example, we commonly say that the Moon is in orbit around the Earth. However, the Moon pulls back on the Earth as well. This changes the Earth a little. One way we see this happening is the ocean tides.

The amount of gravity between two objects depends on the masses of the objects, and also the distance between them. When you have two very large objects like the Moon and the Earth, different parts of them are pulled differently due to distance. The part of the Earth closest to the moon is pulled most. If there are oceans there, they will bulge out. The middle of the Earth is not pulled as strongly towards the moon, but it still is pulled more than the water on the far surface of the Earth. The far side of the Earth is pulled least, making another bulge on the far side of the Earth. As the Earth rotates underneath these bulges, we experience two high tides per day.

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