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Wednesday, August 4th
9:00am Session 1: Diagrammatic Reasoning
10:00am Gaussian Processes for Active Data Mining of Spatial Aggregates
Naren Ramakrishnan, Chris Bailey-Kellogg, Satish Tadepalli, and Varun N. Pandey
Integrating Probabilistic Reasoning into a Symbolic Diagrammatic Reasoner
Joseph L. Bokor and Ronald W. Ferguson
10:00am -- Session 2: Visual Matching
11:00am A Qualitative Theory for Shape Representation and Matching
Lledó Museros and  M. Teresa Escrig
Qualitative Spatial Reasoning for Geometric Analogies
Emmett Tomai, Kenneth D. Forbus and Jeffery Usher
11:00am BREAK
11:30am -- Session 3: Outreach
12:30pm Capturing QP-relevant Information from Natural Language Text
Sven E. Kuehne and Kenneth D. Forbus


Visualisation of Qualitative Processes
Simon Hartley, Marc Cavazza, Jean-Luc Lugrin and Mikael Le Bras
12:30pm -- LUNCH
2:30pm -- Session 4: Discussion
3:30pm Future visions for QR
3:30pm -- BREAK
4:00pm -- Session 5: Business meeting
5:00pm Venues for QR06
5:00pm Closing and Farewell
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