18th International Workshop on
 Qualitative Reasoning



A Qualitative Theory for Shape Representation and Matching

Lledó Museros and  M. Teresa Escrig


Abductive Proofs as Models of Qualitative Reasoning

Maxim Makatchev, Pamela W. Jordan, Umarani Pappuswamy and Kurt VanLehn


An Economic Education Support System Based on Qualitative/Quantitative Simulations

Tokuro Matsuo, Toramatsu Shintani, and Takayuki Ito


Capturing QP-relevant Information from Natural Language Text

Sven E. Kuehne and Kenneth D. Forbus


Causality Enabled Compositional Modelling of Bayesian Networks

Jeroen Keppens and Qiang Shen


Controller Synthesis using Qualitative Models and Constraints

Subramanian Ramamoorthy and Benjamin J. Kuipers


Describing System Functions that Depend on Intermittent and Sequential Behavior

Jonathan Bell and Neal Snooke


Deviation Models Revisited

Peter Struss


Gaussian Processes for Active Data Mining of Spatial Aggregates

Naren Ramakrishnan, Chris Bailey-Kellogg, Satish Tadepalli, and Varun N. Pandey


Integrating Probabilistic Reasoning into a Symbolic Diagrammatic Reasoner

Joseph L. Bokor and Ronald W. Ferguson


Qualitative modeling for middle-school students

Kenneth D. Forbus,  Leo C. Ureel II, Karen Carney, and Bruce L. Sherin


Qualitative Reasoning about Food Webs: Exploring Alternative Representations

Tim Nuttle,  Bert Bredeweg and Paulo Salles


Qualitative reasoning in the education of deaf students: scientific education and acquisition of Portuguese as a second language

Heloisa Salles, Paulo Salle, and Bert Bredeweg


Qualitative Spatial Reasoning for Geometric Analogies

Emmett Tomai, Kenneth D. Forbus and Jeffery Usher


The need for qualitative reasoning in fuzzy modeling: robustness and interpretability issues

Raffaella Guglielmann and Liliana Ironi


Using Qualitative Reasoning in the Classroom and in Electronic Teaching Systems

Evelyn Lulis, Joel Michael and Martha Evens


Using Strategies and AND/OR Decomposition for Back of the Envelope Reasoning

Praveen K. Paritosh and Kenneth D. Forbus                                                                       


Visualisation of Qualitative Processes

Simon Hartley, Marc Cavazza, Jean-Luc Lugrin and Mikael Le Bras




A methodology for qualitative learning in time series

F.J. Cuberos, Juan Antonio Ortega, Luis Gonzalez and  Francisco Velasco


A qualitative model of the Daniell cell for chemical education

Paulo Salles, Ricardo Gauche and Patrícia Virmond


A qualitative model of the nutrient spiraling in lotic ecosystems to support decision makers for river management

Michael Neumann and Bert Bredeweg


An Approach to Qualitative Radial Basis Function Networks over Orders of Magnitude

Xari Rovira, Núria Agell, Mónica Sánche, Francesc Prats and Xavier



Application of Qualitative Reasoning to Robotic Soccer

Gordon Fraser, Gerald Steinbauer and Franz Wotawa


Development of a Qualitative Model for Investigating Benthic Community Response to Anthropogenic Activities

Desiree D. Tullos, Michael Neumann,Juan, Jose Alvarez Sanchez


Dynamic Ontological Support for Qualitative Reasoning in The Knowledge Collective (TKC)

Jay Yusko and Martha Evens


Jitter in Self-Explanatory Simulation

Brian A. Kyckelhahn and Kenneth D. Forbus


Learning physical concepts using a qualitative approach: a teaching Proposal

Jose V. Alvarez-Bravo, Juan J.Alvarez-Sanchez and Francisco J. Gonzalez-Cabrera


Performing FMEA Using Ontologies

Lars Dittmann, Tim Rademacher, Stephan Zelewski


Qualitative Modelling of Kinematic Robots

Honghai Liu and George M. Coghill


Similarity-based Qualitative Simulation: A preliminary report

Jin Yan  and Kenneth D. Forbus


Toward a Theory of Qualitative Visual Reasoning in Microanatomy

John R. Pani, Julia H. Chariker, Ronald D. Fell

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