Some info for Workshop Participants:

Check-In is between 8am and 9am on Monday. Please pick up your Workshop folder from the CHECK-IN / REGISTRATION table located by room 3-107 (on the 3rd floor of the McCormick Tribune Center). There will be coffee, juices, soda, and waters available for you.
Security: Please note, that though we are able to lock the doors, other people at Northwestern University do have access to these rooms. On that note: PLEASE, do not leave valuables (lap tops) in the rooms when no one is around or you will be leaving for an extended period of time. The University and myself personally cannot be responsible for stolen...or lost items. Thank you for understanding!
Traveling from O'Hare to get to the Hilton Garden Inn, 1818 Maple Ave.:
(1) Easiest to take a taxi, just go to the cab stand at the airport. I believe they have fixed rates for the cabs (should be between $20-$30, but I am not sure).
(2) By el train:  Purchase a single fare for $1.75.
a) Take the subway/el train BLUE Line towards Chicago (from the airport it ONLY goes in one direction to Chicago).
b) Then, get off the BLUE Line train at the Washington station. DO NOT LEAVE THE STATION. You have to transfer to the RED Line train by taking the stairs that go DOWN to transfer to the RED Line. You go down the stairs and walk a long underground hallway and then go UP the stairs to the RED Line platform of the Washington station.
c) Take the RED Line train towards HOWARD (make sure you take the train that is headed North NOT South).
d) Get off the RED Line train at the HOWARD station. DO NOT LEAVE THE STATION. You will see signs indicating where to get a PURPLE Line train. Go there.
e) Take the PURPLE Line train into Evanston. You are almost done.
f) Get off the PURPLE Line train at the DAVIS station.
g) Exit the DAVIS station and head North to get on Maple Ave. There is a Borders bookstore on the West side of Maple and a Century Theatres (movies)/Wolfgang Puck's on the East side of the street. Go about a block. 1818 Maple Ave. will be on the West side of the street.
(3) By bus: Ugh. This is not worth your time. We'd probably see you on the last day of the Workshop.
Parking options:
(NOTE: PARKING MAP is located at the end of this email)
(1) If you are a guest of the Hilton Garden Inn, there is parking available for $10/day.
(2) If you are not staying at the Hilton, there is a public parking garage located next to the Hilton Garden Inn at 1818 Maple Ave. (located at P2 on the Parking Map). There is another parking garage relatively close on Chicago Ave. at Church St. (located at P3 on the Parking Map)  PARKING MAP is below. City of Evanston parking garages are free on Sunday.
(3) There is some street parking available and metered parking. Usually the metered parking spaces are free on Sunday. Please, check the label/sign on your meter to be sure.
(4) If you choose not to park your car in the public garages, there is a Northwestern University lot for which you must buy visitor parking permits (daily). These passes can be purchased from me at Registration for $4.75 each day. I WILL NOT HAVE CHANGE. You must have the exact change to purchase the permit. ALSO: I will have a limited number of permits with me on Monday. Please, email me or leave a message on my office phone if you need permit. That way I can be sure to have enough for the first day. I will give you Tuesday and Wednesday permits on Tuesday morning (I might be able to get them to you Monday afternoon). The lot is located at P1 on the Parking Map.


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