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24th International Workshop on Qualitative Reasoning

August 8-10, 2010, Portland, Oregon, USA

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Photo: Clock tower, near Hilton
What is Qualitative Reasoning?

The world is full of systems that have continuous aspects, and about which we only have incomplete, qualitative knowledge. Humans are amazingly effective at working with such knowledge, and many science, engineering, and educational applications could benefit greatly from similar capabilities. In seeking to understand the ability to reason qualitatively, the QR community pursues research at the interface of Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, Engineering, and Science.

This research includes:


·                     Development of algorithms and systems for constructing, simulating, and applying qualitative and semi-quantitative models

·                     Study, from a cognitive modeling perspective, how humans represent and use incomplete knowledge

·                     Development of methods for system modeling, explanation, diagnosis, and design, with applications in science, engineering, and education


Invitation to submit contributions to QR2010 and to participate. 

The 24th International Workshop on Qualitative Reasoning will be held at Hilton Hotel, Portland Oregon, USA, co-located with the annual meeting of the Cognitive Science Society.   Please see the Call for Papers for information on submitting papers.

Click here to REGISTER.

Breaking news:

·         Boarding info for the August 9th tour of Mt. St. Helens: The Hilton has two buildings: “Main” and “Executive Tower”. The boarding station for the EcoTours bus is next to the “Main” building on SW Salmon St between 6th and Broadway.

·         Links to our papers and posters have been posted here: Accepted Papers

·         The Workshop Schedule is now available.

Travel and Accommodation


QR2010 is collocated with Cogsci2010.  Travel and hotel information can be found at . You can book the hotel through that website and receive the conference discount. Although right now it’s cheaper to go directly to the hotel website; but I am sure that will change as the conference date nears.  You can book rooms at the Doubletree or the Hilton.

However, the Hilton is far closer and is located in a much nicer area.

The Doubletree isn't in such a nice area and is 20 minutes away; but it is cheaper.