Qualitative Modeling and Simulation of a Coupled Bioeconomic System


J. Kropp and K. Eisenack

Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment, Systems Analysis and Mathematical Modeling Group, Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, P.O. Box 25 03, 26111 Oldenburg


Abstract: The understanding and management of marine processes and resources is of great economic and social importance. Marine resources have been greatly exploited by man and which has led to a thriving but unadopted fishery infrastructure on land. The over-development of fisheries has brought about a multitude of negative environmental impacts, such as an accelerated exploitation or decrease of biodiversity, and furthermore, a profound structural change in fish industry. However, the main reason for the non-prosperous rationing of marine resources is the lack of knowledge about certain processes as well as the non-availability of adequate steering instruments. This paper addresses the lack of conceptualization and proposes a qualitative dynamical model approach which can be used for an improved decision support under the premise of vague knowledge. The usage of qualitative differential equations extends previous approaches fundamentally and illustrates the general pattern of overcapitalization of fleets on a renewable marine resource.


Full Paper (PDF 104 KB)