Accepted Papers
The following papers have been accepted for QR07, and will be presented by talk or by poster:

"A Common Framework for Qualitative and Quantitative Modelling" Klaus Eisenack
"A formal theory of qualitative size and distance relations between regions" Thomas Bittner
"A Garp3 Model of Environmental Sustainability in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve" Eugenia Cioaca, Bert Bredeweg et al
"A Garp3 model of environmental sustainability in the River Mesta" Elena Nakova, Tim Nuttle et al
"Advanced Experiments for Learning Qualitative Compartment Models " Wei Pang, George Coghill
"Arguing About Radioisotope Dating" Laura Rassbach, Liz Bradley et al
"Behaviour Prioritisation in Fuzzy Qualitative Simulation" George Coghill
"Capturing and Categorizing Mental Models of Food Webs using QCM" Morteza Dehghani, Sara Unsworth et al
"Collaborative Conceptual Modeling: Share, Search and Reuse" Jochem Liem, Anders Bouwer, Bert Bredeweg
"Dynamic domain abstraction through meta-diagnosis" Johan de Kleer
"From Sketches to Models: A Preliminary Analysis" Praveen Paritosh, Will Bridewell
"Generating test-cases from qualitative knowledge" Franz Wotawa
"Induction of qualitative models using discrete Morse theory" Jure Zabkar, Gregor Jerse et al
"Integrative qualitative modelling of ecological and socio-economic  aspects of river-rehabilitation in England" Richard Noble, Tim Nuttle, Paulo Salles
"Knowledge Representation for Fuzzy Model Composition" Xin Fu, Qiang Shen
"Learning Domain Theories via Analogical Transfer" Matthew Klenk, Ken  Forbus 
"Learning Financial Rating Tendencies  with Qualitative Trees" Llorenç Roselló, Mónica Sánchez et al
"Learning Qualitative Models through Partial Derivatives by Pade" Jure Zabkar, Ivan Bratko, Janez Demˇsar
"M2 CIRQ: Qualitative fluid flow modelling for aerospace FMEA application" Neal Snooke
"Obtaining Models for Test Generation  from Natural-language-like Specifications" Michael Esser, Peter Struss
"On Choosing Abstractions for Hierarchical Diagnosis" Fabien Perrot, Louise Travé-Massuyes
"On Qualitative Probabilities for Legal Reasoning about Evidence" Jeroen Keppens
"Plenty of Blame to Go Around:  A Qualitative Approach to Attribution of Moral Responsibility" Emmett Tomai, Ken Forbus
"Provably spurious qualitative simulation predictions that just won’t go away" Nuri Tasdemir, A. C. Cem Say
"Qualitative modelling sustainability in the Riacho Fundo  water basin" Paulo Salles, Bert Bredeweg et al
"Qualitatively Constrained Equation Discovery" Jure Zabkar, Aleks Sadikov et al
"The riverine landscape Kamp (Austria):  an integrative case study for qualitative modeling of sustainable development" Andreas Zitek, Susanne Muhar et al
"Towards Automating QPT Model Construction for  Reaction Mechanism Simulation" Alicia Tang, Syed Mustapha et al
"Using aggregation for automatic identification of work processes in the managerial hierarchy" Bahadır Kaan Özütam, A. C. Cem Say
"Using Qualitative Representations and Analogical Mapping to Solve Problems from a Spatial Intelligence Test" Andrew Lovett, Ken Forbus, Jeffrey Usher