Qualitative Reasoning Group

Northwestern University


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bullet itembullet item Current Members

bullet item Faculty

bullet item Kenneth D. Forbus
Walter P. Murphy Professor of Computer Science and Professor of Education
Chair of the Cognitive Systems Division/Department of EECS

bullet item Tom Hinrichs
Research Associate Professor


bullet item Staff

bullet item Carrie Ost
QRG Lab Manager

bullet item Jenn Stedillie
Research Study Programs Coordinator II
Webmaster of Spatial Intelligence and Learning Center: an NSF Science of Learning Center

bullet item Madeline Usher
Senior Software Developer
Currently involved in the SILC program developing CogSketch; I've also been involved in many QRG projects, including nuSketch, sKEA, and Companions. Interests include spatial reasoning, human/computer interaction, and digital assistants.


bullet item Graduate Students

bullet item Joe Blass
Joe Blass wants to build systems that think, act, and interact like humans.  Currently his research focuses on modeling commonsense reasoning and social cognition, particularly moral reasoning.  Joe joined QRG in Fall 2013.

bullet item Kezhen Chen
Kezhen joined QRG in Fall 2016. His research interests are in building human-level vision and reasoning systems that can recognize, interpret and handle complicated events in the real world. He is focusing on using various sensors, such as Kinect, to recognize human actions.

bullet item Max Crouse
Max joined QRG in Fall 2015. His research interests are in building reasoning systems to acquire and handle human levels of knowledge.

bullet item Chen Liang
Chen wants to build human-level AI , upload his mind, and then live forever. His research interests include cognitive modeling, machine learning, knowledge representation and cognitive architecture. Past research includes building models of human conceptual learning and using structure mapping for statistical relational learning with semantic web data. He joined QRG in fall 2013. 

bullet item Clifton McFate
Clifton McFate joined QRG in Fall 2012. His research interests include natural language processing, frame semantics, and knowledge representation. He is currently working on an NLP system that uses narrative expectations to abductively interpret explanatory natural language texts and that builds qualitative models based on these interpretations. Past research includes using VerbNet to automatically create semantic frames as well as the NULEX Lexicon.

bullet item Matt McLure
Matt McLure wants to investigate what it would take for a cognitive architecture to participate in robust concept learning through long-term, multi-modal interaction. To this end, he is particularly interested in active learning techniques, flexible representation schemes, re-representation strategies, and sketch understanding. He has been with QRG since the fall of 2009, and is involved in the Freeciv, Companions, and CogSketch projects.

bullet item Irina Rabkina
Irina joined QRG in fall 2015. She is interested in using artificial intelligence techniques to improve our understanding of human cognition, and our understanding of human cognition to improve artificial intelligence techniques. She is currently working on modeling Theory of Mind. 

bullet item Affiliated Faculty

bullet item Larry Birnbaum, Professor of Computer Science

bullet item Dedre Gentner, Professor of Psychology

bullet item Chris Riesbeck, Professor of Computer Science


bullet itembullet item Past Visitors

bullet item Tomoya Horiguchi, Kobe University
Visiting Researcher, Fall 2010 through Summer 2011

bullet item Frank Leenaars, University of Twente
Visiting Student

bullet itembullet item Alumni

bullet item Arun Ahuja

bullet item Julie Baher, Illumina

bullet item James Baker

bullet item David Barbella, Earlham College
PhD, 2016

bullet item Thomas Bittner, State University of new York at Buffalo
Postdoc, 2000-2002

bullet item Christopher Blair

bullet item Mike Brokowski

bullet item Karen Elizabeth Carney

bullet item Maria Chang
PhD, 2016

bullet item Vernell Chapman

bullet item John Collins

bullet item Jonathan Davis

bullet item Dennis DeCoste

bullet item Morteza Dehghani
PhD, December 2009

bullet item Kevin Dill

bullet item Greg Dunham

bullet item Patricia Dyck, Goodwin Procter
MS, 2005

bullet item John Everett

bullet item Brian Falkenhainer

bullet item Boi Faltings

bullet item Ronald W. Ferguson

bullet item Scott Friedman, Smart Information Flow Technologies
PhD, June 2012
bullet item Daniel Halstead
PhD, September 2011

bullet item Philip Houk

bullet item Balasubramanian ("Subu") Kandaswamy
PhD, 2016

bullet item Matthew Klenk
Phd, June 2009

bullet item Sven Kuehne
PhD, June 2004

bullet item Hyeon Kyeong Kim

bullet item Kate Lockwood, Cal State Monteray Bay
PhD, December 2009

bullet item Andrew Lovett, Northwestern University
PhD, June 2012

bullet item Joyce Ma, Exploratorium
PhD, June 2001
bullet item Cara J. Meverden

bullet item Paul Nielsen

bullet item Praveen Paritosh
PhD, 2007

bullet item Yusuf Pisan

bullet item Abhishek Sharma
PhD, 2011

bullet item Nikitas Sgouros, University of Piraeus
PhD, 1994
bullet item Emmett Tomai
Phd, December 2009

bullet item Leo C. Ureel II
bullet item Jon Wetzel
PhD, 2014
bullet item Jin Yan

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