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New Pops up the New Design dialog box for entering the initial information pertaining to the new design.
Open Opens an existing .dsn file, perhaps one that you had saved from a prior session.
Close Closes the current design.
Close All Closes all open designs.
Save Saves the current design as a .dsn file. .dsn files are ascii files that record, in a CyclePad readable manner, information about the design, including the schematic layout and any assumptions that you may have made.
Save As... Pops up the Save dialog and enables you to change the name or location of the current design file.
Save All Saves all open designs.
Print Schematic Prints the current cycle diagram, subject to the constraints of your printer.
Print Cycle Data Prints the current design's data in tabular form.
Exit First confirms that you want to exit CyclePad, saves any unsaved designs.

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