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Note: This menu enables you to toggle between Build and Analyze mode; the checkmark indicates which mode you are currently in. Although you can do some things in either mode (such as saving the cycle or printing out the schematic or cycle data), there are certain actions that can only be accomplished in one or the other mode. You will typically start in Build mode, then switch to Analyze mode after completing the structure of the design. If you try to switch to Analyze mode prior to completing the cycle (i.e., one or more components is not connected to another component via all of its inlet and outlet ports), CyclePad will display an error message to this effect.

Build Enable Build mode, in which you can add components, connect components, move connected components, and edit device and stuff names.
Analyze Enable Analyze mode, in which you can see component, stuff, and cycle parameter values and modeling assumptions, change these values, obtain explanations for them, and do sensitivity analysis

This menu contains a list of example cycles that you can load, analyze, alter, and save as you wish.

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