QR 06
Hanover, New Hampshire
July 10-12, 2006

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News: Information about QR 07 is now available.

Qualitative Reasoning is an exciting research area at the interface between Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence that combines the quest for fundamental understanding of how people reason about physical systems with new ways to supplement conventional modeling, analysis, diagnosis, and control techniques to tackle real-world applications.

The 20th edition of the QR workshop will be held at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, from July 10th through 12th, 2006. This spatio-temporal setting enables overlap with the 50th anniversary celebration of the Dartmouth AI Conference, to be held here July 13-15, as well as AAAI 06, to be held in nearby Boston July 16-20. All this good conferring can also readily be combined with some fun vacationing in New Hampshire and Vermont. More information about the venue is available.

We gratefully acknowledge support from the US NSF and from INRIA.

Dartmouth Hanover