Knowledge Acquisition via Analogy, Examples, and Sketching

A project in the DARPA Rapid Knowledge Formulation Initiative

Principal Investigator: Kenneth D. Forbus
Research Scientist: Ron Ferguson

The goal of this project is to use ideas from cognitive science to develop a set of ideas, techniques, and components that enable the construction of systems that domain experts can use to interactively create, inspect, extend, and maintain large scale knowledge bases. Cognitive science is making solid progress in discovering how people reason with and learn from examples, how people use analogy and metaphor to communicate, and how people use their visual systems to help them understand the world. Using techniques from AI and other areas of computer science, we have been using these ideas to create technologies that come closer in performance to human-style breadth and flexibility. In this project we will apply this approach to the problems of Rapid Knowledge Formation in three areas:

These ideas, techniques, and components will be tested in two ways. First, they will be used in end-to-end systems being created as integrated team efforts under RKF, through subcontracts with two integrated teams (Cycorp and SRI). Second, we will create a sketching Knowledge Entry Associate (sKEA) that uses knowledge-rich multimodal interface techniques to interact with experts via sketching. sKEA will also be provided to collaborating integrated teams, to provide a complement to the forms-based and text/hypertext-based interfaces they are creating.

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