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Previous Projects

bullet item Analogical Learning and Case-based Instruction ONR logo

bullet item CogSketch: Sketch understanding for Cognitive Science Research and for Education
Part of the Spatial Intelligence and Learning Center, an NSF Sciences of Learning Center

bullet item Exploring Flexible Multimodal Instruction of Intelligent Systems via Natural Language and Sketching  DARPA logo

bullet item Robust Learning and Reasoning for Intelligent Agents ONR logo

bullet item Towards Long-Lived Learning Software Collaborators AFOSR logo

bullet item Analogical Learning for Companion Cognitive Systems DARPA logo IPTO logo

bullet item Analogy, Knowledge Integration, and Task Modeling Tools for Intelligence Analysts NSF logo

bullet item Analogy, Mental Models, and Conceptual Change ONR logo

bullet item Articulate Software for Teaching Science and Engineering DARPA logo

bullet item Articulate Virtual Laboratories for Science and Engineering Education NSF logo

bullet item Building and Using Large Common Sense Knowledge Bases DARPA logo AFOSR logo HPKB logo

bullet item Computer-supported Visual Representations for Learning Modeling NSF logo

bullet item Knowledge Acquisition via Analogy, Examples, and Sketching DARPA logo RKF logo

bullet item Learning by Reading DARPA logo IPTO logo

bullet item Qualitative Reasoning for Engineering Problem Solving ONR logo

bullet item Qualitative Reasoning for Intelligent Agents ONR logo

bullet item Symbolic Supercomputer for Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science Research ONR logo

bullet item Technologies for Multimodal Interfaces DARPA logo CPOF

bullet item Understanding and Fostering Spatial Competence NSF logo

bullet item Virtual Solar System Project NASA logo

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