Remote Agent

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What is an example of Mode Identification and Recovery in every day life?

MIR acts like a doctor for a spacecraft. Although a doctor just gives annual checkups and MIR is constantly monitoring the health of the spacecraft, there are many similarities between the two. Just as a doctor knows what he should see if he is examining a healthy person, MIR knows what a healthy spacecraft looks like. A doctor examines a patient and then comes up with a diagnosis if he sees something unexpected. If MIR senses something unusual, it will also come up with the most likely diagnosis of the problem. Once a problem is diagnosed, the doctor will try to treat the problem; for example, by administering medication. When MIR diagnoses a problem, it will also, upon request from Smart Executive (EXEC) suggest an action to correct the problem. Last, if a patient's problem cannot be fixed, a doctor might notify next of kin and might recommend that can help the person change their future lifestyle. For example, a doctor may recommend to a heart attack victim's wife that she help make sure the victim sticks to a low fat diet. MIR also reports permanent failures to EXEC so it and Planner/Scheduler (PS) can make adjustments.

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