What will DS1 do on its mission?

What new technologies are being tested on DS1?

The objective of the New Millennium Program is to test new technologies so that future science missions can use them. Some of the new technologies in use on DS1 are:

What does DS1 look like?
What is autonomy technology?
How does DS1's communications system work?
What is AutoNav?
How do solar concentrators work?
How do solar panels supply energy for spacecraft?
What is the difference between an ion engine and a conventional one?
How does solar electric propulsion (ion propulsion) work?
What is a remote agent?

What's where on DS1?
How will we know if the new technologies work?
What is PEPE?
What is the power activation and switching module?
Why develop low power electronics?
What is MICAS?
How is NASA overseeing the DS1 mission?
Why is mass important?

Why is NASA testing new technologies on DS1?
What new communications features are used by DS1?
What is the small deep space transponder?
What is the Ka-band?
What are the new low power electronics on DS1?