What will DS1 do on its mission?

What is the Power Activation and Switching Module?

Deep Space 1 will test a power activation and switching module (PASM), the result of a joint development among Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and JPL. This device contains two sets of four power switches, each set controlled by its own mixed-signal Application Specific Integrated Circuit, (ASIC). An ASIC is a kind of silicon chip integrated circuit that is designed to fit the task its made for instead of being for general use. The ASIC provides voltage and current sensing and current limiting for parts of the spacecraft. High-density packaging technology quadruples the packing density over the current state of the art, which helps to make smaller, lighter electronics.

Figure from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory Deep Space One Web Site: http://nmp.jpl.nasa.gov/ds1/

What new technologies are being tested on DS1?
What is the New Millennium Program?

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