Space Environment

How do objects in space travel?

Are there orbits within orbits?

Yes, there are orbits within orbits. Every planet in our solar system is in orbit around the Sun, but many of them also have objects in orbit around themselves. For example, the Earth and Moon are in orbit around each other, and both of them, called the Earth-Moon system, are in orbit around the Sun. There are also many human-made satellites in the Earth-Moon system. They are orbiting the Earth which is orbiting the Sun. Other planets, like Saturn and Jupiter, have multiple moons in orbit around themselves, and they are in orbit around the Sun as well.

What is an orbit?
What causes an orbit to happen?
What travels in an orbit?
How do scientists know what the path of an object in space will be?
What is a satellite?

Can gravity affect the surface of objects in orbit around each other?

What are the orbital lengths and distances of objects in our solar system?