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CyclePad Software

Traditional Installer (32-bit versions of Windows)

This file will extract into a number of smaller files. First into a readme and another self-extractor, then into a bunch of files, including Setup.exe, which you will run to do the actual installation. You may want to put it into a temporary directory prior to installation. After Setup.exe has run, the files in the temporary directory may be deleted.

Download CyclePad v2.0 June 2001 (self-extracting archive 3.2MB)

Zip Archive for 64-bit versions of Windows

The installer above only works with 32 bit versions of Windows. For 64 bit versions, you will have to download the zip archive below. To install from the zip archive, unpack it under some directory (e.g., c:\) and double-click cpad.exe to start the program. Important notes:

  1. Please do not install it under Program Files, because Vista and Windows 7 are cranky about programs making changes there, and parts of CyclePad are likely to not work properly if you do that.
  2. The help system uses the traditional Windows help system. If you click on help menu entries that need it, a Microsoft-provided dialog will appear that will take you to a page to install the appropriate program. We are not allowed to redistibute this program by Microsoft; we apologize for the inconvenience.

Download zip archive for installing CyclePad on 64 bit machines


As mentioned above, CyclePad includes an old Windows help file. HTML formatted documentation is provided here.