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Bhatt, Mehul

Commonsense Inference in Dynamic Spatial Systems

“Phenomenal and Reasoning Requirements”

Boongoen, Tossapon and Shen, Qiang

Order-of-Magnitude Based Link Analysis for False Identity Detection

Dehghani, Morteza and Forbus, Kenneth D.

QCM: A QP-Based Concept Map System

de Kleer, Johan, Forbus, Kenneth D., Hinrichs, Tom, Yoon, Sungwook and Jones, Eric K.

Factored Envisioning

Forbus, Kenneth D. and Gentner, Dedre

Dark Knowledge in Qualitative Reasoning: A Call to Arms

Friedman, Scott E., Forbus, Kenneth D. and Taylor, Jason

Learning and Reasoning with Qualitative Models of Physical Behavior

Goulart, F.F., Salles, P. and Saito, C. H.

Assessing the Ecological Impacts of Agriculture Intensification Through Qualitative Reasoning

Horiguchi, Tomoya and Hirashima, Tsukasa

Intelligent Authoring of ’Graph of Microworlds’ for Adaptive Learning with Microworlds

Ironi, Liliana and Tentoni, Stefania

Automated detection of electrocardiographic diagnostic features through an interplay between Spatial Aggregation and Computational Geometry

Laraba, Mohamed El Habib and Brezillon, Patrick

Using Contextual Graphs for Supporting Qualitative Simulation Explanation

Liem, Jochem, Linnebank, Floris E. and Bredeweg, Bert

Model Building Experiences using Garp3: Problems, Patterns and Debugging

Lovett, Andrew and Forbus, Kenneth D.

Computing Human-Like Qualitative Topological Relations via Visual Routines

Noble, R.A.A., Bredeweg, B., Linnebank, F., Salles, P. and Cowx, I.G.

A qualitative model of the salmon life cycle in the context of river rehabilitation

Salles, Paulo, Feltrini, Gisele M., de Sa, Isabella G., Resende, Monica M. P. and Lima-Salles, Heloisa

Application of qualitative reasoning models in the scientific education of deaf students

Rosello, Llorenc, Prats, Francesc, Sanchez, Monica and Agell, Nuria

Using Qualitative Reasoning in Modelling Consensus in Group Decision-Making

Strle, Blaz, Mozina, Martin and Bratko, Ivan

Qualitative approximation to Dynamic TimeWarping similarity between time series data

Struss, Peter, Shivashankar, Vikas and Zahoor, Mohamed

Modeling for Fault Localization in Data Warehouse Applications

Wetzel, Jon and Forbus, Kenneth D.

Automated Critique of Sketched Designs in Engineering

Zitek, Andreas, Preis, Sabine, Poppe, Michaela and Muhar, Susanne

Evaluating the potential of Qualitative Reasoning to capture and communicate knowledge on sustainable catchment management