How does DS1's mission compare to other space missions?

What is the difference between DS1 and NAS?

NAS is a simulation. It is a made-up space craft and space mission, created so that members of the public could participate in simulated episodes of space flight to learn more about autonomous space flight and the New Millennium Program.

NAS is modeled after Deep Space One (DS1), which a real spacecraft that is currently traveling through the solar system testing new technology and gathering scientific data. The Principles of Operations document you are reading answers questions about DS1. While you read it, keep in mind that the simulated NAS has a lot in common with DS1, but there are some differences, too. The chart below outlines some of them.

Deep Space One (DS1) NASA's Autonomous Spacecraft (NAS)
DS1 is a real spacecraft that launched on October 24, 1998. NAS is a make believe spacecraft that launches every time you decide to begin the NAS simulation.
DS1's mission is primarily to test new technologies, like Remote Agent and Solar-Electric Propulsion; however, it will also make observations of an asteroid and possibly a comet. NAS's mission is both to test new technologies, like Remote Agent and Solar-Electric Propulsion, and to gather photographic data from an asteroid and Mars.
During its mission, DS1 will fly by Asteroid KD92 and possibly Comet Wilson-Harr and Comet Borrelly. During its mission, NAS will fly by Asteroid McAuliffe and Mars.
DS1's camera takes photographs using a number of different frequencies including ultra violet and infrared. NAS's camera takes photographs using just visible light frequencies.
Remote Agent is not onboard during takeoff, but will be uploaded onto DS1 later in the mission. Remote Agent is onboard NAS from the beginning of the mission.
Remote Agent is only being used for a little more than six days during the DS1 mission. There are failures preprogrammed in that Remote Agent will be expected to diagnose and fix during those 6 days. Remote Agent is used throughout the NAS mission and will handle failures whenever they arise.
Remote Agent's Planner/Scheduler is not used from the ground during DS1's mission. During the Mars swingby, Remote Agent's Planner/Scheduler is used by ground controllers to plan the swingby.
If DS1 destroys its camera or parts of its communication system, they can no longer be used and the mission will fail. If you destroy NAS's camera or communication system, you can start that activity over and continue with your mission.

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