Accepted Paper Presentations

Ambiguities and Deviations in Qualitative Circuit Analysis by Mark H. Lee, Jonathan Bell, and George M. Coghill

An Approach for Reasoning about Semiqualitative Models with Explicit Constraints by J. A. Ortega, R. M. Gasca, and M. Toro

AQUA: A Framework for Automated Qualitative Abstraction by Martin Sachenbacher and Peter Struss

Capacity Limits in Mechanical Reasoning by Mary Hegarty

Common Sense on the Envelope by Praveen K. Partiosh and Kenneth D. Forbus

Constructing Progressive Learning Routes through Qualitative Simulation Models in Ecology by Paulo Salles and Bert Bredeweg

Coordinating Actions and Models by Daniel L. Schwartz

Disaggregation in Compositional Modelling of Ecological Systems via Dynamic Constraint Satisfaction by Jereon Keppens and Qiang Shen

Discrimination of Semi-Quantitative Models by Experiment Selection: Method and Application in Populatipon Biology by Ivayla Vatcheva, Olivier Bernard, Hidde de Jong, Jean-Luc Gouzé, and Nicolaas J. I. Mars

Evaluation of Error-Based Simulation by Using Qualitative Reasoning Techniques by Tsukasa Hirashima and Tomoya Horiguchi

How qualitative spatial reasoning can improve strategy game AIs by Kenneth D. Forbus, James V. Mahoney, and Kevin Dill

Intelligent Computer Assisted Instruction in Thermodynamics at U. S. Naval Academy by Chih Wu and Ken Tuttle

Motivation in Computer Supported Adult Learning Environments: Designing Online Learning to Support a Psychology of Becoming by Temi Rose

Qualitative induction by Dorian Šuc and Ivan Bratko

A qualitative modeling environment for middle-school students: A progress report by Ken Forbus, Karen Carney, Rob Harris, and Bruce Sherin

Qualitative Reasoning techniques to support Learning by Teaching: The Teachable Agents Project by Krittaya Leelawong, Yingbin Wang, Gautam Biswas, Nancy Vye, John Bransford and Daniel Schwartz

Qualitative Simulation of Genetic Regulatory Networks: Method and Application by Hidde de Jong, Michel Page, Céline Hernandez, and Johannes Geiselmann

Qualitative/Quantitative Financial Analysis by Juan Flores, Ferderico González, and Beatriz Flores

Towards Interactive Tools for Constructing Articulate Simulations by Vania Bessa Machado and Bert Bredeweg

VisiGarp: Graphical Representations of Qualitative Simulation Models by Anders Bouwer and Bert Bredeweg


Poster Presentations

Abstract Representations of Causal Structures in Process Plants Based on Action and Role Concepts by Johannes Petersen

Fair-Coverage Monte Carlo Generation on Monotonic Functions within Envelopes by T. K. Satish Kumar

A Hybrid Qualitative-Quantitive Classification Technique Applied To Aid Marketing Decisions by Núria Agell and Juan Carlos Aguado

QCBFS: Levering Qualitative Knowledge in Simulation Based Diagnosis by T. K. Satish Kumar

Qualitative Input Conditioning to Enhance RBF Neural Networks Generalization in Financial Rating Classification by Xavier Parra and Núria Agell

Qualitative Modeling and Simulation of a Coupled Bioeconomic System by J. Kropp and K. Eisenack