March 25 - 27, 2002 at Stanford
Call for Papers
Program Committee
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This symposuim is part of AAAI Spring Symposia series. Location, transportation and other information is provided through the AAAI Spring 2002 Symposia webpage.


  • The Sims
    Autonomous Characters
    A people simulator with state-of-the-art autonomous characters.
  • Unreal Tournament
    Tactical opponents & partners
    An action game with great graphics and state-of-the-art tactical opponents and partners.
  • Half-life
    Tactical opponents & partners
    An action game with many story elements, state-of-the-art graphics, and fair tactical opponents.
  • Age of Kings
    Strategic opponents & units
    A strategy game with good (editable, rule-based) strategic opponents and typical units.
  • Baldur's Gate
    Tactical partners & opponents
    A role-playing game with good (editable, rule-based) tactical partners and fair tactical opponents.
  • Blade Runner
    Support characters An adventure game based on the Bladerunner movie with goal-driven support characters.
  • Escape from Monkey Island
    Support characters A cartoon-style adventure game with many scripted-support characters. Available Fall 2000.
  • Madden NFL 2001
    Strategic opponents & units A sports game with state-of-the-art (for sports games) strategic opponents and units.
  • Halo
    Tactical opponents & partners The action/adventure game everyone is waiting to play. Coming soon on the Xbox.

Games with Software Interfaces

  • Quake II
    C language interface The action game Quake II allows you to add to or modify the game by writing a DLL.
  • Half-Life
    C language interface Half-Life uses the Quake II game engine but the interface is changed significantly.
  • Descent 3
    C language interface Another action game with a DLL based C language interface.
  • FreeCiv
    Open Source
    An open-source clone of the classic strategy game Civilization.
  • Age of Kings
    Editable rule-based AI A strategy game that allows you to edit the rules that control the strategic opponent.
  • Baldur's Gate
    Editable rule-based AI A role-playing game that allows you to edit the rules that control the members of your party.

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