What will DS1 do on its mission?

What was DS1's original mission?

DS1's original mission is primarily to test all of its new technologies while traveling in space and encountering some extraterrestrial objects as it goes. Because the launch time was changed, the extraterrestrial objects in space it was to encounter have now moved so that they won't be in the path of DS1. DS1's mission to test technology will proceed largely as planned, though.

The originally planned encounters were:

  1. Launch: July 1998
  2. Asteroid flyby: Asteroid 3352 McAuliffe S 1981 CW, Time: 4:43:41 Jan 14, 1999
  3. Mars Swingby: Time: 18:23:20, Apr 27, 2000
  4. Comet flyby: Comet 20528 West-Kohoutek-Ikemura, Time: 18:28:44, Jun 5, 2000

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