A Kernel Defined over Qualitative Spaces of Orders of Magnitude
Núria Agell, Xari Rovira, Mónica Sánchez and Francesc Prats

Active Data Mining of Correspondence for Qualitative Assessment of Scientific Computations
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Analysis of Genetic Regulatory Networks: A Model-Checking Approach
Grégory Batt, Hidde de Jong, Johannes Geiselmann and Michel Page

Building Qualitative Models with HOMER: A Study in Usability and Support
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Alternative Reality: Qualitative Physics for Digital Arts
Marc Cavazza, Simon Hartley, Jean-Luc Lugrin and Mikael Lebras

Debugging With an Enriched Dependency-based Model or How to Distinguish Between Aliasing and Value Assignment
Rong Chen and Franz Wotawa

Qualitative Viablility Analysis of a Bio-Socio-Economic System
Klaus Eisenack

Maintaining Spatial Relations in an Incremental Diagrammatic Reasoner
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Qualitative Spatial Reasoning for Visual Grouping in Sketches
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Automatically Generating Tutoring Questions for Qualitative Simulations
Floor Goddijn, Anders Bouwer and Bert Bredeweg

Subsystem Reduction for Qualitative Simulation
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On the problem of adjacency relations in the Spatial Aggregation approach
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Ecological Model Repositories Revisited: Casting Ecological Model Composition Problems as Dynamic Constraint Satisfaction Problems.
Jeroen Keppens and Qiang Shen

On the Representation of Physical Quantities in Natural Language
Sven E. Kuehne

Explaining how Engineering Devices Work with AGE
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A Sketch of a Theory of Quantity
Praveen K. Paritosh

Adaptable Modeling of Electrical Systems
Chris J. Price, Neal A. Snooke and Stuart D. Lewis

Qualitative models about stream ecosystem recovery: exploratory studies
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The Ants' Garden: Qualitative models of complex interactions between populations
Paulo Salles, Bert Bredeweg and Nurit Bensusan

Qualitative Model Abstraction for Diagnosis
Yuhong Yan


Qualitative Physiology: from Qualitative Processes to Virtual Patients
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Limitations of the Confluence Model for Circuit Analysis
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QSI - Alternative Labelling and Noise Sensitivity
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A Rule-Based System for Fire Management in the Brazilian Cerrado Vegetation
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Complementing an Interaval Based Diagnosis method with Sign Reasoning in the Automotive Domain
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Design of a Model-based Decision Support System for Water Treatment
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