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Papers I


Christopher Bailey-Kellogg and Feng Zhao

Reasoning About and Optimizing Distributed Parameter Physical Systems Using Influence Graphs

R. Bellazi, R. Guglielmann and L. Ironi

A Qualitative-Fuzzy Framework for Nonlinear Black-Box System Identification

Berthe Y. Choueiry, Sheila McIlraith, Yumi Iwasaki, Tony Loeser, Todd Neller, Robert S. Engelmore and Richard Fikes

Preliminary Thoughts Towards a Practical Theory of Reformulation for Reasoning About Physical Systems

H. de Jong, V. J. de Wit, N. J. I. Mars and P. E. van der Vet

Model-Based Identification of Systematic Errors in Measurements

Kees de Koning and Bert Bredeweg

Using GDE in Educational Systems

Juan Flores and Arthur M. Farley

Incremental Design for Linear Circuits

Kenneth D. Forbus, John O. Everett, Leo Ureel, Mike Brokowski, Julie Baher and Sven E. Kuehne

Distributed Coaching for an Intelligent Learning Environment

Amar Isli and Anthony G. Cohn

Qualitative Spatial Reasoning ŕ la Allen: An Algebra for Cyclic Ordering of 2D Orientations

Yoshinobu Kitamura and Riichiro Mizoguchi

Functional Ontology for Functional Understanding

Tony Loeser, Yumi Iwasaki and Richard Fikes

Safety Verification Proofs for Physical Systems

Pieter J. Mosterman, Feng Zhao and Gautam Biswas

A Study of Transitions in Dynamic Behavior of Physical Systems

A. C. Cem Say

Improved Infinity Filtering in Qualitative Simulation

J. Allan Scott and George M. Coghill

Qualitative Euler Integration with Continuity

Neil Smith

Handling Assumptions in Automated Modeling

Renaud Thétiot, Fakher Zouaoui, Michel Dumas and Philippe Dague

Automatic Construction of Processes from a Bond Graph Representation

Takahiro Yamasaki, Masaki Yumoto, Takenao Ohkawa, Norihisa Komoda and Fusachika Miyasaka

Transformation of Quantitative Measurements into Qualitative Values in Stochastic Qualitative Reasoning for Fault Detection

Papers II


Sambasiva R. Bhatta and Ashok K. Goel

Acquisition of Functional Models: Combining Adaptive Modeling and Model Composition

Tolga Könik and A. C. Cem Say

Extracting and Using Relative Duration Information in Pure Qualitative Simulation

Ian Miguel and Qiang Shen

Extending Qualitative Modelling for Simulation of Time-Delayed Behaviour

Yusuf Pisan and Andrew Bachmann

Using Qualitative Reasoning to Solve Dynamic Problems