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Franz G. Amador and Daniel S. Weld

Multi-level Modeling of Populations

Daniel Berleant and Benjamin Kuipers

Combined Qualitative and Numerical Simulation with Q3

J. Crawford, A. Farquhar and B. Kuipers

QPC: A Compiler from Physical Models into Qualitative Differential Equations

Johan de Kleer

Compiling Devices and Processes

Keith Downing

The Qualitative Criticism of Circulatory Models via Bipartite Teleological Analysis

Richard J. Doyle, Leonard K. Charest, Loretta P. Falcone and Kirk Kandt

Addressing Information Overload in the Monitoring of Complex Physical Systems

Brian Falkenhainer and Kenneth D. Forbus

Compositional Modeling of Physical Systems

Kenneth D. Forbus and Brian Falkenhainer

Self-Explanatory Simulations: An Integration of Qualitative and Quantitative Knowledge

Pierre Fouché and Benjamin Kuipers

An Assessment of Current Qualitative Simulation Techniques

Thomas P. Hamilton

An Architecture for Real-Time Qualitative Reasoning

Joseph Hellerstein

Obtaining Quantitative Predictions from Monotone Relationships

Yumi Iwasaki

Reasoning with Multiple Abstraction Models

Hyun-Kyung Kim

Qualitative Kinematics of Linkages

Takashi Kiriyama, Tetsuo Tomiyama and Hiroyuki Yoshikawa

Qualitative Reasoning and Conceptual Design with Physical Features

Anil Nigam and R. Bhaskar

Qualitative Reasoning about a Large System Using Dimensional Analysis

Qiang Shen and Roy Leitch

Integrating Common-Sense and Qualitative Simulation by the Use of Fuzzy Sets

Gordon Skorstad

Clustered Causal Ordering

Peter van Beek

Reasoning about Qualitative Temporal Information

Jerry Weinberg, Sedar Uckun and Gautam Biswas

Qualitative Vector Algebra

Daniel Weld and Sanjaya Addanki

Task-Driven Model Abstraction

Brian C. Williams

Interaction-based Invention: Designing Novel Devices from First Principles

Colin P. Williams

Analytic Abduction from Qualitative Simulation