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Tom Bylander

The qualitative difference resolution rule

Dennis DeCoste and John W. Collins

IQE: An incremental qualitative envisioner

Keith L. Downing and Lawrence E . Widman

Extending model-based diagnosis to medicine

Boi Faltings, Emmanuel Baechler and Sun Kun

Efficient qualitative kinematics

Pierre Fouche and Benjamin Kuipers

Abstracting irrelevant distinctions in qualitative simulation

David Hibler and Gautam Biswas

Restriction of qualitative models to ensure more specific behavior

Leo Joskowicz and Elisha Sacks

Incremental configuration space construction for mechanism analysis

Ian Kirby and Jim Hunter

Further progress in qualitative modelling of cardiac electrophysiology

Takashi Kiriyama, Tetsuo Tomiyama and Hiroyuki Yoshikawa

Model generation in design

Ina C. Kraan, Bradley L. Richards and Benjamin J. Kuipers

Automatic abduction of qualitative models

Franz Lackinger and Wolfgang Nejdl

Integrating model-based monitoring and diagnosis of complex dynamic systems

Zheng-Yang Liu and Arthur M. Farley

Tasks, models, perspectives, dimensions

James K. McDowell and James F. Davis

Integrating deep reasoning and compiled reasoning for the resolution of interacting malfunctions in chemical process diagnosis

P. Pandurang Nayak, Leo Joskowicz and Sanjaya Addanki

Automated model selection using context-dependent behaviors

W. M. Kim Roddis and Jeffrey L. Martin

Qualitative Reasoning about steel bridge fatigue and fracture

Ethan Scarl

Iteration against locally-determined states for qualitative monitoring and diagnosis

Phil Schaefer and Corrina Perrone

Closed-form solution of qualitative differential equations

Qiang Shen and Roy Leitch

Synchronised qualitative simulation in diagnosis

Peter Struss

A theory of model simplification and abstraction for diagnosis

Brian C. Williams

Critical abstraction: Generating simplest models for causal explanation

Erling A. Woods

The hybrid phenomena theory

Xudong Yu, Stefanos Manganaris and Gautam Biswas

A component connection modeling case study: Results and future directions

Feng Zhao

Extracting and representing qualitative behaviors of complex systems in phase spaces