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Bylander, Tom

Primitives for Reasoning about the Behavior of Devices

Chandrasekaran, B. , Sticklen, Jon and Smith, Jr ., Jack W.

Structure of Medical Knowledge and Deep Reasoning


Chiu, Charles

Qualitative Physics Based on Exact Physical Principles

Collins, John W.

 Reasoning about Fluids Via Molecular Collections

Dague, P.

 Troubleshooting: When Modeling is the Trouble

Davis, Ernest

 A Logical Framework for Solid Object Physics

Dormoy,  J.L. and

Raiman, O.

 Assembling A Device

Downing, Keith L.


Diagnostic Improvement through Qualitative Sensitivity Analysis and Aggregation

Doyle, Richard J.

Creating Causal Models

Falkenhainer, Brian

Scientific Theory Formation through Analogical Inference

Forbus, Kenneth D.

The Qualitative Process Engine: A Study in Assumption-based Truth Maintenance

Hamilton, Thomas P .


HELIX: An Application of Qualitative Physics to

Diagnostics in Advanced Helicopters

Hardt, Shoshana L.

Aspects of Qualitative Physics of Diffusional Processes

Iwasaki, Yumi

Generating Behavior Equations from Explicit Representation of Mechanisms

Joskowicz, Leo

Shape and Function in Mechanical Devices

Kuipers, Benjamin

Abstraction by Time-Scale in Qualitative Simulation

Lee, W. W., Chiu, C. and

Kuipers, B. J.

Developments Towards Constraining Qualitative Simulation

Lepetit, M.  and Vernet, D.

Qualitative Physics Applied to a Depropanizer in Process Control

Nielsen, Paul

A Qualitative Approach to Mechanical Constraint

Nordhausen, Bernd and

Langley, Pat

An Integrated Discovery System


Rajamoney, Shankar A.  and DeJong, Gerald F.

An Experimental Design Approach to Ambiguity Resolution


Sacks, Elisha

Piecewise Linear Abstraction

Saund, Eric

Qualitative Physics and the Shapes of Objects

Struss, Peter

Mathematical Aspects of Qualitative Reasoning

Williams, Brian C .

Beyond "Qualitative" Reasoning

Yip, Kenneth Man-Kam

Extracting Qualitative Dynamics from Numerical Experiments