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Christopher Bailey-Kellogg, Feng Zhao and Kenneth Yip

Spatial Aggregation: Language and Applications

Daniel Bobrow,  Brian Falkenhainer, Adam Farquhar, Richard Fikes,  Kenneth Forbus, Thomas Gruber, Yumi Iwasaki and Benjamin Kuipers

A Compositional Modeling Language

Giorgio Brajnik and Daniel J. Clancy

Temporal Constraints on Trajectories in Qualitative Simulation

Antonio C. Capelo, Liliana Ironi and Stefania Tentoni

The Need for Qualitative Reasoning in Automated Modeling: A Case Study

Kees de Koning and Bert Bredeweg

Qualitative Reasoning in Tutoring Interactions

Jonathan H. Fernyhough

Qualitative Reasoning for Automated Traffic Surveillance

Juan Flores and Art Farley

Qualitative Phasor Analysis

Kenneth D. Forbus

Self-Explanatory Simulators for Middle-School Science Education: A Progress Report

Ioa S. Gavrila, Bert Bredeweg and Piet Iedema

A Qualitative Reasoning Approach to Chemical Process Design

Ashok K. Goel

Adaptive Modeling

John M. Gooday and Anthony G. Cohn

Transition-Based Qualitative Simulation

Ulrich Heller and Peter Struss

Transformation of Qualitative Dynamic Models: Application in Hydro-Ecology

Yoshiteru Ishida and Atusi Nogi

Reasoning about Structure of Interval Systems: An Approach by Sign Directed-Graph

Benjamin Kuipers

A Hierarchy of Qualitative Representations for Space

Monika Lundell

A Qualitative Model of Physical Fields

Andreas Malik and Peter Struss

Diagnosis of Dynamic Systems Does Not Necessarily Require Simulation

Richard S. Mallory, Bruce W. Porter and Benjamin J. Kuipers

Comprehending Complex Behavior Graphs through Abstraction

Jakob Mauss and Bernd Neumann

Qualitative Reasoning about Electrical Circuits Using Series-Parallel-Star Trees

Silvia Miksch, Werner Horn, Christian Popow and Franz Paky

Context-Sensitive and Expectation-Guided Temporal Abstraction of High-Frequency Data

Pieter J. Mosterman and Gautam Biswas

Analyzing Discontinuities in Physical System Models

Takenao Ohkawa, Shinya Hata and Norihisa Komoda

Backward Qualitative Simulation of Structural Model for Strategy Planning

Satoru Oishi and Shuichi Ikebuchi

Inference of Local Rainfall Using Qualitative Reasoning

Yusuf Pisan

Using Qualitative Representations in Controlling Engineering Problem Solving

Chris Price and David Pugh

Interpreting Simulation with Functional Labels

T. Sakao, Y. Umeda, T. Tomiyama and Y. Shimomura

Model-Based Automatic Generation of Sequence Control Programs from Design Information

Paulo S.B.A. Salles, Robert I. Muetzelfeldt and Helen Pain

Qualitative Models in Ecology and their Use in Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Y. Shimomura, K. Ogawa, S. Tanigawa, Y. Umeda and T. Tomiyama

Development of Self-Maintenance Photocopiers

Reinhard Stolle and Elizabeth Bradley

A Customized Logic Paradigm for Reasoning about Models

László Teleki

Constraint Logic Programming: A Framework for Qualitative Reasoning

Vladimir Vissikirsky

Formation of Qualitative Knowledge Obtained from Quantitative Simulation of Mechanisms

Takashi Washio and Hiroshi Motoda

Scale-Based Reasoning on Possible Law Equations

Brian C. Williams and Bill Millar

Automated Decomposition of Model-Based Learning Problems

Brian C. Williams and P. Pandurang Nayak

A Model-Based Approach to Reactive Self-Configuring Systems

Masaki Yumoto, Takenao Ohkawa, Norihisa Komoda and Fusachika Miyasaka

Practical Application of Stochastic Qualitative Reasoning to Fault Detection of Building Air Conditioning Systems

Qi Zhao and Toyoaki Nishida

Using Qualitative Correlations as Evidence of Uncertain Reasoning

Zhifeng Zhuang and Paul M. Frank

Observation Filtering: From Qualitative Simulation to Qualitative Observer