25th International Workshop on Qualitative Reasoning (QR’11)


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Miguel Ángel Álvarez De La Concepción, Luis González Abril, Juan Antonio Ortega Ramírez and Luis Miguel Soria Morillo

A qualitative methodology to reduce features in classification problems


Alfredo Burrieza, Emilio Muñoz-Velasco and Manuel Ojeda-Aciego

PDL for Qualitative Reasoning about moving objects. A first step

Maria Chang, Jon Wetzel and Ken Forbus

Qualitative and Quantitative Reasoning over Physics Textbook Diagrams

Zoe Falomir, Lledó Museros, Juan Antonio Ortega and Francisco Velasco

A Model for Qualitative Colour Description and Comparison

Scott Friedman, Ken Forbus and Bruce Sherin

How do the seasons change? Creating & revising explanations via model formulation &


Joanna Golinska-Pilarek and Emilio Muñoz-Velasco

Reasoning with qualitative velocity

Fernando Goulart, Paulo Salles and Ricardo Bomfim Machado

How agricultural matrix intensification may affect forest understory birds? A qualitative model

on stochasticity and immigration

Fernando Goulart, Paulo Salles, Carlos Saito and Ricardo Machado

How does agricultural intensification will affect bird's species inhabiting a savanna-forest

mosaic? A qualitative modelling approach

Francisco J Ruiz, Albert Samà, Germán Sánchez, José A. Sanabria and Núria Agell

An Interval Technical Indicator for Financial Time Series Forecasting

Gal Kaminka and Natalie Fridman

Using Qualitative Reasoning for Social Simulation of Crowds: A Preliminary Report

Kamal Kansou and Bert Bredeweg

Hypothesis assessment with qualitative reasoning: modelling a periodic spring

Kamal Kansou, Tim Nuttle, Katie Farnsworth and Bert Bredeweg

Qualitative model of the long-term carbon cycle: the rise of the vascular plant during the

Paleozoic period and its dramatic effect on our atmosphere

Andrew Lovett and Kenneth Forbus

Organizing and Representing Space for Visual Problem-Solving

Ester Martinez-Martın and M. Teresa Escrig

A General Qualitative Spatio-Temporal Model Based on Intervals

Matthew Mclure, Scott Friedman, Andrew Lovett and Kenneth Forbus

Edge-cycles: A qualitative sketch representation to support recognition

Lledó Museros, Falomir Zoe, Luis Gonzalez-Abril and Francisco Velasco

A Qualitative Shape Description Scheme for Generating New Manufactured Shapes

Llorenc Rosello, David Garcia, Nuria Agell, Mónica Sánchez and Francesc Prats

Using Qualitative Reasoning to Model Users Profiles: An Approach to Movie


Adriano Souza, Gustavo Leite and Paulo Salles

Using qualitative reasoning to model wind power production in coastal zone

Adriano Souza, Isabella , Alexandre Portella, Pedro Aquino, Pedro Costa E Silva, Luiz Wilhelms and Paulo Salles

Evaluating the use of qualitative reasoning models by secondary school teachers

Qiang Shen, Tossapon Boongoen and Chris Price

A Fuzzy Order-of-Magnitude Approach to Qualitative Link Analysis

Peter Struss and Alessandro Fraracci

FMEA of a Braking System - A Kingdom for a Qualitative Valve Model!

Peter Struss, Alessandro Fraracci and Daniel Nyga

An Automated Model Abstraction Operator Implemented in the Multiple Modeling Environment MOM

Miha Troha and Ivan Bratko

Qualitative learning of object pushing by a robot