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Núria Agell, Xari Rovira, Carmen Ansotegui, Mónica Sánchez and Francesc Prats

Homogenising References in Orders of Magnitude Spaces: An Application to Credit Risk Prediction

R. Bellazzi, R. Guglielmann and L. Ironi

Using QR to Solve Quantitative Modeling Problems: An Application to Intracellular Thiamine Kinetics

Anders Bouwer and Bert Bredeweg

Visualization of Qualitative Models

Ivayla Vatcheva, Hidde de Jong and Nicolaas Mars

Selection of Perturbation Experiments for Model Discrimination

Hidde de Jong and Michel Page

Qualitative Simulation of Large and Complex Genetic Regulation Systems

Charles A . Erignac

Interactive Semi-Qualitative Simulation

Ronald W. Ferguson, Robert A . Rasch, Jr., William Turmel and Kenneth D . Forbus

Qualitative Spatial Interpretation of Course-of-Action Diagrams

Juan J. Flores and Jaime Cerda

Reasoning about Faulty Electrical Circuits

Kenneth D. Forbus, Ronald W. Ferguson and Jeffrey M. Usher

Towards a Computational Model of Sketching

Xingang Huang and Feng Zhao

Computing Topological Adjacency Relations between Iso-contours

Jeroen Keppens and Qiang Shen

Towards Compositional Modelling of Ecological Systems via Dynamic Flexible Constraint Satisfaction

 T.K Satish Kumar

Reinterpretation of Causal Order Graphs Towards Effective Explanation Generation Using Compositional Modeling

Mark H. Lee

Many-Valued Logic and Qualitative Modelling of Electrical Circuits

Richard S. Mallory and Bruce W. Porter

Explanation Structures for Complex Qualitative Behavior Graphs

Iván Ordóñez and Feng Zhao

STA: Spatio-Temporal Aggregation with Applications to Analysis of Diffusion-Reaction Phenomena

J.A. Ortega, R.M. Gasca and M. Toro

Searching for similar semiqualitative temporal patterns in time-series databases

A. C. Cem Say

A New Technique for Monte Carlo Generation of Monotonic Functions

Takayuki Sekiya and Tetsuo Tomiyama

Supporting Model Building Processes for Analysis with Prototypes

Neil Smith

First Steps in Formalising Qualitative Systems Dynamics

Martin Sachenbacher and Peter Struss

Automated Determination of Qualitative Distinctions: Theoretical Foundations and Practical Results