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Cover & Preface

H. Akkermans

Discrete and Continuous Time in Physical Systems

I. Arana and J. Hunter

Representing and Reasoning about Naive Physiology

G. Biswas, X. Yu and K. Debelak

A Formal Modeling Scheme for Continuous-Valued Systems: Focus on

P. Bose and S.A. Rajamoney

Compositional Model-Based Design of Physical Systems

B. Bredeweg, C. Schut, K. van den Heerik and M. van Someren

Reducing Ambiguity by Learning Assembly Behaviour

Z. Cui, A.G. Cohn and D.A. Randell

Qualitative Simulation Based on a Logic of Space and Time

B. Falkenhainer

Modeling without Amnesia: Making Experience-Sanctioned Approximations

K.D. Forbus and B. Falkenhainer

Self-Explanatory Simulations: Scaling up to Large Models

D. Hibler and G. Biswas

Thought Experiments as a Framework for Multi-level Reasoning

H. Kay and B. Kuipers

Numerical Behavior Envelopes for Qualitative Models

H.K. Kim

Extending the Contained-Stuff Ontology with Geometry

T. Kiriyama, T. Tomiyama and H. Yoshikawa

Building a Physical Feature Database for Integrated Modeling in Design

M.H. Lee and A.R.T. Ormsby

Qualitative Modelling of Electrical Circuits

R. Leitch and Q. Shen

Being Committed to Qualitative Simulation

A.Y. Levy, Y. Iwasaki and H. Motoda

Relevance Reasoning to Guide Compositional Modeling

J. Lunze

Qualitative Modelling of Continuous-Variable Systems by Means of
Nondeterministic Automata

D. Neville and L. Joskowicz

A Representation Language for Conceptual Mechanism Design

A. Nigam and R. Bhaskar

Differential Equations as Enablers of Qualitative Reasoning Using Dimensional Analysis

O. Raiman and B.C. Williams

Caricatures: Generating Models of Dominant Behavior

J. Rickel and B. Porter

Automated Modelling for Answering Prediction Questions: Exploiting
Interaction Paths

E. Sacks and L. Joskowicz

Model-based Kinematic Simulation

M.R. Vescovi and L. Travé-Massuyès

A Constructive Approach to Qualitative Fuzzy Simulation

J.M. Vinson and L.H. Ungar

Fault Detection and Diagnosis using Qualitative Modelling and

D.S. Weld

Automatic Selection of Bounding Abstractions