Plenary Conferences

Qualitative Explanation of Controllers

by Ivan Bratko and Dorian Suc

Communicative Interaction and Qualitative Reasoning

by Bert Bredeweg


Paper Presentations

Abstracting Automotive System Models from Component-based Simulation with Multilevel Behaviour

by Neal Snooke and Jon Bell

Aggregation of Qualitative Simulations for Explanation

by Anders Bouwer and Bert Bredeweg

Application Qualitative Process Theory into Chemical Qualitative Analysis and Simulation

by Syed Mustapha, Jen-Sen, Pangb and Sharifuddin Mohd. Zainc

Automated Abstraction of Numerical Simulation Models - Theory and Practical Experience

by Peter Struss

Consistent Relative and Absolute Order-of-Magnitude Models

by Louise Travé, Francesc Prats, Mónica Sánchez and Núria Agell

Dealing with Discontinuities in the Qualitative Simulation of Genetic Regulatory Networks

by Hidde de Jong, Jean-Luc Gouzé, Celine Hernandez, Michel Page, Tewfik Sari and Johannes Geiselmann

Extracting Duration Facts in Qualitative Simulation using Comparison Calculus

by Tolga Konik and A.C. Cem Say

Graph Theoretical Analysis of Qualitative Models in Sustainability Science

by Klaus Eisenack anc Gerhard Petschel-Held

Learning Qualitative Models in the presence of Noise

by George M. Coghill, Simon M. Garret and Ross D. King

On Supporting Dynamic Constraint Satisfaction with Order of Magnitude Preferences

by Jeroen Keppens and Quiang Shen

Pattern recognition based on episodes and DTW. Application to diagnosis of a level control system

by Joan Colomer, Joaquim Meléndez and Fco. Ignacio Gamero

QSI - Qualitative Similarity Index

by F.J. Cuberos, J.A. Ortega, R.M. Gasca and M. Toro

Qualitative Models of Interactions between Two Populations

by Paulo Salles, Bert Bredeweg, Symone Araujo and Walter Neto

Qualitative Simulation with CLP

by Aleksander Bandelj, Ivan Bratko and Dorian Suc

Qualitative Spatial Reasoning on Three-Dimensional Orientation Point Objects

by Julio Pacheco, M. Teresa Escrig and Francisco Toledo

Sound and Complete Qualitative Simulation Is Impossible

by A.C. Cem Say and H. Levent Akin


Poster Presentations

A Balanced Differential Learning algorithm in Fuzzy Cognitive Maps

by Alberto Vázquez Huerga

Integrating qualitative Time and Topology for Saptial Reasoning

by Lledó Museros and M. Teresa Escrig

Introducing Qualitative Reasoning in fault dictionaries techniques for analog circuits analysis

by Carles Pous, Joan Colomer, Joaquim Meléndez and J.L. de la Rosa

Qualitative Approach for Mobile Robot Path Planning based on Potential Field Methods

by Rita M. Planas, Josep M. Fuertes and Antonio B. Martínez

Qualitative physics as a component in natural language semantics:A preliminary report

by Sven E. Kuehne and Kenneth D. Forbus

Qualitative Simulation of Human Resources Subsystem in Sofware Development Projects

by Antonio Suárez, Pedro J. Abad, Rafael M. Gasca anb Juan A. Ortega

Qualitative Systems Identification for Linear Time Invariant Dynamic Systems

by Juan J. Flores, Nelio Pastor and José L. Rincón

Towards a framework for enhancing Qualitative Simulation with Explanation

by Mohamed El Habid Laraba and Zaidi Sahoune




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